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How to Have an Adventurous Wedding

You like to explore and adventure in your everyday life, so why not make your wedding day an adventure as well!! Consider these tips to make your special day as unique and adventurous as you are:
Wedding clothes & hiking boots. The Haven is a unique wedding venue in Hocking Hills, close to Columbus OH
1) Hold it somewhere off the beaten path

Don’t get married at a golf course down the road, get married somewhere beautiful that you enjoy spending time at with your partner! Weddings have more meaning when they are held somewhere that is special to you. There are lots of unique memorable venues that will make for fantastic memories for you and your guests. We might be biased but we think Hocking Hills is the perfect, out-of-the-ordinary place to hold an adventure wedding!

Wedding Couple in Ash Cave in Hocking Hills
2) Don’t be afraid to ditch the traditions

If you want something out of the ordinary, don’t be afraid to change things up! Want a small intimate family-only ceremony followed by a larger reception with all your friends? Do it! Want your ceremony on a different day than your reception? That’s an awesome idea! Nothing says you have to do a ‘cut and paste’ traditional wedding unless you want a traditional wedding. Think outside the box!

3) Serve something out of the ordinary 

Food is a big part of weddings, so this is a great opportunity to change things up! Consider doing a taco bar, sushi, a vegan wedding or gluten free. Instead of a cake why not do pie bar or doughnuts! There are so many unique adventurous options to customize your food. 

4) Get pictures in epic locations & photos of you doing things you love

Wedding pictures are an important part of your wedding day. These are the pictures you’ll be looking back on for years to come! Make sure to pick a photographer that you feel comfortable with and that fits your vibe.

When looking for an adventure wedding location, make sure to find somewhere with unique places to take epic photos (Ash Cave anyone?).

You can also make your wedding adventurous by getting pictures of you and your partner doing things you love. For example, if you’re into backpacking, get some pictures of you both in your wedding attire wearing your backpack. Into rock climbing? Throw those harnesses on and hit the crag for a photoshoot! You get the idea.

5) Include elements about you

Part of an adventurous memorable wedding is to make your wedding uniquely you. One easy way to do that is to include important things to you in the little things on your big day. Are you into racing cars? Awesome! Consider using model cars as cake toppers. Is reading books more your thing? How about using your favorite novels as part of the table centerpieces! Do you and your partner like traveling to different places? Instead of table numbers, why not name tables after some of your favorite countries to visit!

6) Skip things that don’t speak to you: bouquet toss, garter, ect

We aren’t anti-tradition per-se, but some of the of the “normal” wedding things don’t always make sense for everyone. Part of having an adventurous wedding is having the courage to skip the things that don’t speak to you! Nothing about a wedding is written in stone, that means that everything from cake cutting to bouquet toss to first dance is optional.

7) Incorporate the outdoors

While not technically a requirement for an adventurous wedding, incorporating the outdoors is one of our favorite ways to bring the adventure vibe! Pick a venue that highlights nature for an easy way to bring adventure into your wedding. If you’re looking for an outdoor inspired place to host your big day in the Midwest, then there’s no better place than The Haven in Hocking Hills, Ohio!!!

“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.” — R. Brault 

We hope that this list inspires you to make your wedding day uniquely you. We might be biased but we think Hocking Hills is the perfect off-the-beaten path wedding destination! We’d love to craft your special day by helping you focus on what’s important to you: Your Wedding, Your Way. 

Photo Cred: 1) Wandering Woo, 2) Wandering Woo 4) Lunar Pine Creative  5)Wandering Woo 6)Elizabeth Nisher Photography 7)Elizabeth Nisher Photography 

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