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Why you should turn your wedding into a Wedding Weekend Getaway

Wedding Weekend Getaway

Have you been thinking about a destination wedding, but not sure you can pull it off? Consider a wedding weekend getaway?! A “wedding weekend getaway” is a term used to describe a wedding that is out of town but still within driving distance for the majority of your guests. Wedding weekend getaways are often held at locations with lodging to make it a mini-vacation for you and your guests. These weddings are a great way to have a similar destination-wedding experience but with a few added perks:
Wedding Couple in Ash Cave at Hocking Hills

1) Affordability 

Wedding weekend getaways tend to be more affordable than traditional destination weddings to faraway locations.  According to the Knot, destination weddings are typically more expensive than local weddings. The biggest saving for staying close to home is travel expenses, not only for you but also for your guests.  While the Bahamas are beautiful, there are also several surprisingly picturesque locations closer to home. The Hocking Hills in Ohio is a hidden gem with waterfalls and picturesque scenery.

Adventurous Wedding Couple Hocking Hills

2) More guests are likely to attend

Picking something a little closer to home is always a good choice to ensure the maximum number of guests can attend. A lot of family and/or friends may not be able to attend a far-away destination wedding due to cost, health problems or work reasons. You are much more likely to get everyone together somewhere a little closer to home. For a wedding weekend getaway destination consider somewhere that is within driving distance but outside of your city’s normal circle. 

The Haven Wedding Venue in Hocking Hills

3) Getting Married Internationally can get Complicated. 

Getting married outside of the US requires you to research the local rules and regulations. Some countries require blood testing or other hoops to jump through in order to get married. You also need to do your homework to make sure your marriage outside of the US will be legally recognized back in the states.  If you want a destination wedding experience but don’t want to worry about the red tape, you may want to consider a local wedding weekend getaway.

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4) Eco-Friendly & Supporting Local

You may have your heart set on a destination wedding in an exotic location, however, flying 100 of your friends and family half-way across the globe does have an impact. Hosting your wedding closer to home is not only better for the environment, but it also helps support local businesses! Whenever possible, pick local vendors. You can be environmentally friendly and you are helping the local economy.

Wedding Couple at Old Mans Cave in Hocking Hills

5) You Can make your Wedding into a Weekend Long Celebration

Wedding weekend getaways offer a unique opportunity for you to make your wedding celebration last longer! You can start out with the rehearsal dinner Friday night followed by games or a bonfire. Saturday morning your guests can explore the area while you prep for the big day! Saturday afternoon/evening is the main event with the ceremony & reception. On Sunday morning host a brunch for your guests before they head home. Wedding weekend getaways are also something unique that will make your wedding stand out from the “typical”. 

“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” – L. Carroll

If you still crave that destination wedding experience, make your wedding into a ‘wedding weekend getaway’ by making it a weekend long event in the Hocking Hills! Here at the Haven, we specialize in making your special day into a weekend long celebration. Let us help craft your event!!

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