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Why Hocking Hills

When you think of Hocking Hills, OH weddings might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But we think Hocking is the perfect place to say ‘I Do’!! Keep reading to see why Hocking should be on your wedding location’s short list!!
Wedding Couple in Ash Cave in Hocking Hills
1)Close to Home but Far from Ordinary

If you’ve ever been to Hocking Hills, Ohio then you know it is a magical place. Hocking is full of beautiful rock formations, mysterious caves and fairytale waterfalls. This makes a stunning backdrop for weddings. There are also lots of activities for your guests to do in the area. Hocking Hills offers hiking, canoeing, local artisans, rock climbing, fishing, shopping and so much more! Hocking Hills is only an hour from Columbus, 2 hours from the Cincinnati area, and 3 hours from Cleveland. 

2) Lots of Unique Lodging for Guests

There are plenty of lodging options for out of town wedding guests in the Hocking Hills area. Hocking offers everything from luxury lodges & cabins, to glamping & camping. Some Hocking wedding venues offer on-site lodging so that your guests can walk from their cabin to the celebration. Here at the Haven we are proud to offer on-site lodging for up to 85 guests! One thing is for sure, your guests will have a memorable experience no matter where they stay!!

3) Have a Destination Wedding Experience Without the Hassle

 Have you been thinking about a destination wedding, but not sure it’s for you?  Consider making your wedding into a ‘wedding weekend getaway’. A ‘wedding weekend getaway’ is a term used to describe a wedding that is out of town but still within driving distance for the majority of your guests. Wedding weekend getaways are often held at locations with lodging to make it a mini-vacation. Hocking Hills is the ideal spot for having a wedding – you’ll get a destination wedding experience without the hassle!! 

4) Unique & Memorable Wedding Location

If you are looking for something to make your wedding stand out from the rest, then consider having your special day in the Hocking Hills. Holding your wedding in Hocking will make your special day extra memorable for your guests. Not only do they get to celebrate with you but they get to spend some time in the beautiful scenery of southeastern Ohio and escape their busy day-to-day lives for a while. The memories of your special weekend will stay with your guests long after they leave.

5) Full of Natural Beauty

We think the natural beauty of Hocking Hills is second to none! From waterfalls to caves to woodland, Hocking Hills has it all. This beautiful backdrop is perfect for woodsy weddings, rustic modern brides, or natural vibed events. The local beauty makes for some epic wedding pictures!! And the beautiful natural backdrop means you don’t have to do as much decorating for your special day!!

6) Highlight your Adventurous Nature

If you like outdoor recreation then Hocking Hills is the spot for you!! You and your guests can go canoeing down the Hocking River with Hocking Hill’s Adventures. Into mountain biking? The Hocking Hills mountain biking trails are located less than a mile from The Haven. If you’re not scared of heights, go rock climbing with High Rock Adventures or ziplining with Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. And of course there’s plenty of hiking; The Haven at Cedar Grove is located less than a half mile from Old Man’s Cave!!

7) Stay for your Honeymoon

Not only is Hocking Hills a great place for weddings, it’s a perfect place to stay for your honeymoon after your big day! A cozy cabin in the hills is a great place for you and your new spouse to escape from the world after your vows. Skip the 5am flight the day after your wedding. Instead spend some time wandering the trails together, book a couples massage, and enjoy the many restaurants the area has to offer. Relax together before going back to the ‘real world’.

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hocking Hills is a great choice for your wedding day!! Here at the Haven we specialize in making your day uniquely you. Our climate controlled venue is located on 65 scenic acres with room for 200+ guests, we are a fantastic choice for weddings of all sizes. We hope you consider tying the knot in this special area of Ohio!

Photo Cred: 1) Wandering Woo, 2) Lunar Pine Creative 3) L: Lunar Pine Creative R: Captured Photography, 4)Elizabeth Nisher Photography, 5) L: Elizabeth Nisher Photography 6)Wandering Woo, 7) L: Lunar Pine Photography R:Elizabeth Cherry

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